Thursday, March 19, 2009

Printable Press

I just discovered Printable Press via A Practical Wedding, and it's too cool not to share with all my fellow brides-to-be! Basically you choose the invitation style that suits you best, purchase a PDF with all your info, then print and prep it all at home yourself (or source it out to a printer). So you get the benefit of professional design work at a fraction of the price. Love it!

It only costs $60 to purchase an invitation PDF, plus an extra $15 for any significant design changes (color, paper size/layout, etc). Best idea ever! According to their website, even outsourcing the printing only averages about $80 for 100 invitations. Here are a few fun samples:

Minus the butterfly, in yellow & gray:

Check it out, Mom! I told you we could put the Big Shot to good use!
Jordan, I know you're "never getting married", but just in case...
They even have a bear!
...and a bee!
Our favorites...

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Anonymous said...

Love them all..when do we start. Xoxoxo