Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DMB Honeymoon

I had this idea a couple months ago for the honeymoon that I think is pretty genius: figure out where Dave Matthews will be playing during our honeymoon timeframe, and go there! I totally forgot about it until I was jamming to DMB over breakfast this morning, so I checked the website and the (partial) tour schedule has been released. Yay! Options include:

8/4-Syracuse, NY
8/5-Bethel, NY
8/7-Virginia Beach, VA
8/8-Bristow, VA

The Syracuse date might be a wee bit too early, but Virginia Beach sounds tempting. May be roasting hot and kind of a cluster being that close to the Hamptons tho? Maybe we could make it out there in time for the Bethel show (what better place to see DMB on your honeymoon than the town where Woodstock took place 40 years ago!?) Hmm...this is sounding better and better. Then we could use it as a jumping off point to head over to Vermont to chill by a lake, based on Kristen's recco? Hmm, hmm, hmm...

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ramy said...

sweet by a third ticket. i wanna see dmb!