Friday, March 27, 2009

Future Project

Call me crazy (go ahead--I already know y'all do when I'm not around), but I really want to try my hand at refurbishing furniture. It's Design*Sponge's fault. I certainly would have never come up with the concept on my own. There's just so much goodness in their Before & After series, that I can't help myself. So, when we were out house hunting this weekend and cruised past a garage sale, I made Raf stop immediately. I had caught a glimpse of these little beauties out of the corner of my eye and just knew they'd be mine. There's 2 of them, they're in great shape (other than the nasty orange velvety fabric, of course), they're quite comfortable, and I worked a deal to walk away with both for $20. Score! (I know, again, you're all thinking I'm even crazier for spending real money on them, but just you wait! I'll show you.)

Here are a few examples of recent goodness to be found through Design*Sponge Before & Afters:
  • This chair has some similar traits to ours. I like that they reduced the number of buttons (whatever you call those). I think we'll be getting rid of the little wickery part under the arms though. Since they aren't a structural piece, I think it might help bring them out of 1964.
  • LOVING the cow print here. And the kitchen chairs further down that screen--so great! We are fully intending to thrift the chairs when the day comes to invest in a dining room table. New chairs are crazy expensive and these are just too simple to not DIY.
  • This one looks way scarier than ours. Of course this woman is a pro, but whatever.

And pretty much anything that Carpenter Ant is working on makes me hap-hap-Happy! This woman is doing my dream gig--running a little artists co-op and refurbishing furniture out of a studio in the back. I've always loved the idea of opening a co-op, but thought it might be weird if the girl with nothing to sell wanted to run the place! I'd be down to hawk some furniture that I've given new life to though. Now I just need to figure out how it's done!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this future project. I'm telling myself I won't start until after the wedding. "These chairs have NOTHING to do with the wedding, Brooke!" Besides, if we get the house (we put in an offer today!), we'll need to keep them looking like this so that we can throw a rockin' 60's themed housewarming party! (No joke, I really kind of wonder if these chairs came from that house...)


Anonymous said...

i love them just the way they are! xoxo

Jordan said...

mom, that velvet is not very pretty

Smith-interior decorator said...

I agree with Mom.

Burnt Orange is hot.