Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Rooms

I'm switching it up on you today! No...don't freak out, I don't have news. However, my friend Lindsey does and I'm super excited! She's looking for ideas to decorate the nursery, and I just hit the jackpot. L--have you been to Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh site? It's all about kids and they have a whole section of Home Tour goodness! I just did a quick scroll--the photo above was one of my immediate favorites.

Digging through baby and kid room photos online, the one thing I noticed is that most cool spaces forego making the room themey or babyish with paint, murals, etc, and instead just stick with a rather normal base--white or some other light, everyday wall color. Then they add fun elements by displaying cool kid stuff in inexpensive Ikea frames, on bookshelves, etc., which then makes it super quick and easy to change the look of the room as the little one grows. Another great idea to add pop is to use bright, fun, coordinating fabrics, which are also easy to change out.

Once you've chosen' the baby's name, I LOVE this idea. And I would think you could definitely thrift the letters (to fit in with Lindsey's second hand or free baby goods plan).

This room is obviously for an older child, but it was too good to skip:
Knowing that Ali Edwards just had a baby girl, and remembering all the cuteness I've seen of her son Simon's room, I figured her blog would also be a good place to check. Even more in this Flickr set.
Ikea is always a great place to search for design inspiration (click on the link to explore all rooms), especially since Ikea furniture is readily available second hand.

And if you're looking to paint something on the walls, I thought this was a fun idea (sorry, no clue on the source).

And finally (probably a good place to start), here are some good nursery design tips from HGTV. CONGRATS Lindsey & Matt!


lindsey said...

you are too cute!!!! thanks for the suggestions. I love, love, love #1. The room is already a purple/blue color and will work for boy or girl (we aren't finding out which it will be). Think that would go with yellow?? I also have a gallon of yellow paint that I could paint and then use robin's egg blue accents and maybe red too??? I'll keep you posted!

brooke said...

Yellow goes with everything! I {heart} yellow. I'm so excited you aren't finding out the baby's gender! LOVE that! Woo Hoo Babies! :)