Friday, April 3, 2009


The process of buying a house is madness. MADNESS, I say! We've been stumbling our way through new annoyances and deadlines daily, since having our offer on the house accepted last week. But, of course, my biggest stress is not mortgage, escrow or inspection related--it's decor related.

The house needs new floors. Bad. As in, the carpets need to be pulled up and replaced before we're willing to sleep there. Unfortunately, other than the kitchen and bathrooms, the carpet is everywhere. It'd be nice to have some time to live in the space for a while before having to make that huge of a design decision, but I don't think we'll have that luxury.

I love the look of hardwood throughout, but I'm sure we'll end up with carpet in the bedrooms at least. The warmth and quiet will win out over design in this instance. But even with carpet in the bedrooms, that's still a whole lot of square footage to cover with hardwoods. And the biggest frustration is knowing that we'll be remodeling the kitchen eventually, so how do we work around that now?

Anyway, I love an old school, thin plank, light-medium hardwood, but something about this house calls for something darker. I think it's because I envision all the common room walls staying white, so they'll need the balance of darker floors. But not too dark. That's too mod for me.

Long story short, I saved the photo above ages ago because dad wanted an all wood kitchen and I was trying to find examples where they pulled it off. I came across it again today and am loving the floors. Not too light, not too dark.


lindsey said...

I'm so excited that your offer was accepted!!!! Let Brooke's home decorating begin! I can't wait to see it! You're an inspiration! Wanna help me figure out the baby's room??? I'm in desperate need of some help since I DO NOT want cartoons.

Jordan said...

I was looking at pics of flying caballos on their website. The yellow house had some nice hardwood floors.