Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dad's New Kitchen

We went to Dad's last weekend to celebrate his 70th birthday and got to enjoy the first glimpse of his newly remodeled kitchen. It looks totally different (though Jordan walked right through it and didn't notice a thing!)

The yellow of the dining room turned out stronger than we expected, but otherwise, I'm digging the color combo. The floors look awesome, especially when you hear the story of him having to secure the boards manually because there was no appropriate nail gun in the state.

Raf helped him get all the new light fixtures up. Still a bit of finishing work to be done on the dishwasher.

Loving the big ole Ikea farmhouse sink! (Though getting it to function properly with all his old plumbing was a challenge.)

And check out these cabinets! They are absolutely beautiful in person. His neighbor, Sam, is a cabinet maker, so these are all handmade for this kitchen to Dad's specifications. Pretty sweet.

He still has a few finishing touches--the floor in the hall and out through the mud room, replacing the windows in the dining room, and he put in a new fridge this week, but all in all, it's pretty darn close! Then it's off to work on all our wedding projects! Or maybe his new dining room table. Oh, who are we kidding--he has to come lay our new floors! Ha! No rest for the skilled and retired in this family! :)


Jordan said...

Hey now, I noticed the paint color was different. I'd only been there once. jeez

Allyson said...

Outstanding! Your brain must be flooded with excitement for all that he'll be able to help you with for the new place.

lindsey said...

whew! you posted! i was getting worried! hi brooke!

lindsey said...

found this site today and thought of you....

check out the post from april 21.... cute wedding ideas