Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Official!

The papers are signed, the payments made, and we picked up our keys today! This is what homeowners look like:

As you can see, we didn't waste any time getting started. Here's what we accomplished tonight:

  • Taped off 75% of relevant walls in preparation for Raf's popcorn peeling session this weekend.
  • Lit candles in the smelly bathroom.
  • Pulled baseboards in the bedrooms and hallway, preparation for pulling the carpets.
  • Broke in the kitchen by consuming our first frosty beers, quite a feat considering there's no fridge (Raf packed an ice chest).
  • Pulled most randomness from the walls--dozens of picture hangers, small shelves, lighting fixtures, and the lovely wall o' mirrors that you see me pictured in above.
  • Programmed the number for the neighborhood Round Table in both of our phones, while picking up our first 10pm post-reno pizza.

I'm sure you'll be seeing these fun little lists regularly--at least I hope the work gets done consistently!


Anonymous said...

Whooohooo! Congrats! And welcome to the world of home ownership!!fun,fun and tons of work! Can't wait to se it and you! Xoxo mom

Danielle said...

oh my ccongratulations!! wow. im so so happy for you guys. Oh and i love the list :)

Smotos Unite said...