Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelli's Baby Shower

I've been on some kind of crazy roll with crafting projects this week. For starters, for the first time EVER I finished a sewing project in one sitting! Did you hear that...ONE!! So exciting. I'd been planning to make the super quick + easy baby quilt from Last-Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts for my pregnant friend Kelli for months now. Of course, planning on making it, and making it are two very different things.

As usual, I waited until Saturday evening to get started on the blanket, in order to gift it at her baby shower on Sunday. I still can't believe I finished it! I think it helps that Raf was in Yosemite for a friends Bachelor party, so I had no distractions. The quilt is listed as a 2-4 hour gift; it took me 6. Not that surprising. I'm an amateur who hasn't even cut fabric in months. I also took a break to pickup some take out, eat it, and watch a Tivo'd episode of The Office. So really, it was probably more like 4.5 hours of actual work time, including time spent doing internet searches on details like how to finish a blind stitch (which I never figured out, btw). Anyway, wanna see?

This is my cute (if I do say so myself) wrapping job, completed in my car while waiting for my pedicure to dry (such a great weekend!)

I LOVE the finished product!! I think it makes the perfect cushy floor blanket--for when babies are just hanging out in the middle of the room.

It's a super simple project. Just 2 very fun fabrics sewn together with some cotton quilt batting in the middle and some cute little faux ties throughout.

Kelli has no shortage of blankets after Sunday. She probably got a dozen! And 3 of them were handmade! Mine was definitely the easiest. Another was a fully pieced quilt. And then this cute little bundle from Kelli's husband's grandma. So sweet.

Garrett's aunt hosted the shower at their amazing home in Lafayette. I loved this place. I followed her around asking questions like--what color would you say your siding is? (I LOVE these shingles!) And, is that the same wall color in the hall as the living room? LOL! I'm such a dork. This was actually my first real shower of any kind--and it was a perfect intro. It was like I stepped into a Martha Stewart magazine. The spread was incredible, complete with healthy snacks, non-alcoholic (mommy friendly) drinks, real dishware and glasses, formal serving tools. LOVED IT!!!
Seriously, after this weekend, I decided that I'm going to be the best retired person ever one day. Or maybe one of those Ladies Who Lunch. I love this stuff! :)

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Kristen said...

Oh, when will we live in the same place again? We'd have so much fun crafting together...I'll email you some of my latest wedding crafty projects. Your projects look great, as usual. It's funny, the design for your quilt (including the ties) looks just like one my Mom made for us kids in the late '70s. Strangely, the fabric on the blanket she made looks like toille, but if you get up close, you see that the vignettes are actually of Davy Crockett...my Mom's way of blending boy's and girl's tastes, I suppose. :) Keep up the great work!