Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House Inspiration

The house buying process continues to try our patience. We were supposed to remove contingencies by today, but the bank is dragging. Which is annoying because even our loan manager doesn't know why. And now we're told that we may not be able to ask for credits because it would cause further issues with the bank approval. Grrr...so frustrating! So anyway, I'm going to look for remodel inspiration to keep me positive.

First things first, the floors. We found some we like today, Bruce American Vintage Cherry 5" planks in Copper Kettle. But they want $9/sf for them. Ick. I found them in Georgia for $6/sf...lot of good that does me. I'll have to have the fam check pricing in Oregon so we can skip the tax!

How fun is this dutch door! We don't have a door that this would work on, but I wouldn't mind replacing the kitchen slider with one. It'd even give us much more wall space!

Yellow kitchen
Hutch goodness
Loving this framed wallpaper idea. Behind the headboard in a bedroom maybe?
Bathroom love, Love, LOVE! Portions of this could totally work in the house bathroom.
Then there's this clean and lovely bathroom from home remodel blog, Door Sixteen. I {heart} this bathroom. As in, I want to copy it inch by inch. Of course, that wouldn't really work cause we're not buying an old Victorian with 10' high ceilings, but whatever. At least the penny tiles on the floor. I can't live without those tiles.
Now we just need to close escrow!

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Allyson said...

B, you have a real eye. Consider yourself my hired decorator/designer when I decide to buy myself. And thanks for getting back to blogging. I don't know how I'd survive American Legal History at 9:35 without you (don't tell my parents ;) xo, A