Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Polish Invitations

I'm excited to say that we finally got our Polish invitations out! We only needed a handful, but they had to go out much sooner than the rest, so that any of Raf's family that may want to join us from Poland has plenty of time to make travel arrangements. Unfortunately, neither Raf nor I write in Polish! Thankfully, his cousin, Marta, got married not too long ago and still had her Polish version on file. We took that, changed the pertinent info, and called it good! Well almost...
You know me. Even with only one evening to complete these puppies, I just couldn't let them go out without some flare of additional goodness! I couldn't find any paper in my stash to get excited about, so I went to my fabric shelf and immediately grabbed a fat quarter that I purchased because it made me think of our wedding. I had remembered perusing random posts with fabric embellished invitations, but never imagined it to be a project I'd be interested in tackling...until last night that is! Considering I had so few to complete, I figured--what the heck! So I did a quick search for fabric invite instructions and immediately found this great post on the awesome Merriment Design blog.
Mine aren't nearly as detailed, but I was working with what I had available in my craft space at 9pm and I'm very happy with the way they turned out--especially considering it was a last minute idea that I was able to complete in a couple hours. It was also my first attempt at sewing on paper. It's something I've been wanting to try for ages, but was just too intimidated. I feel so silly now! That was the easiest thing I've ever done with a sewing machine!! It's SO much easier than sewing on fabric! And super fun too!
Now I, of course, have visions of sewn English invites flying around in my head! It can't look just like this because I've gone and blown the surprise, but I had way too much fun with the sewing machine to not consider it! Plus, it gives me a good excuse to head for my favorite fabric shop. :)
There's also tons of other inspiration on the Merriment blog, much of which follows the same fabric/sewn theme for all their wedding paper. I'm especially loving the sewn return address labels. Definitely think I'll have to consider borrowing this idea.

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Jordan said...

The fabric on paper is super cute. You'll have to show me how to work my sewing machine when you guys are at my house. Oh, and my boss said we can use one of the round tables to try stuff out on. They're only 8 tops though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this example of a Polish invitation - This is exactly what I was searching for so that I can show my parents a sample text of a Polish wedding invitation. Love the design of your invites, too!

brooke said...

So glad someone found it useful! Wasn't expecting that! haha. Anyway, if it's tough to read, or would be helpful, I'd be happy to email the Word copy over to you. Best of luck! brooke