Friday, April 3, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me how many decisions need to be made with planning a wedding--especially when you're going the DIY route! I've been thinking about tablescapes--linens, dinnerware, flowers, etc., for ages.

My primary source of inspiration was this wedding from Snippet & Ink. I love the simple wonderfulness of the burlap table runners. However, it appears that we're going the round table route, so I won't be able to borrow the runners Kate's mom is making for their wedding. Instead, I'm thinking of doing a square burlap overlay on full length white linens. I just have no clue what size to make the square. Guess it'll depend on how wide the burlap I find is.

I'm also loving all the jars filled with just a couple stems of variable flowers. Kristen had sent me a great link to this 100 Layer Cake post about jars, but I think I prefer the thin burlap trim tied around the rim of the jar, rather than the full fabric chunk (which is slightly appauling considering my love of fabric). I am digging the yogurt jar tealight holders from that post though.

This is also cute, with the jute wrapped around the bottom of the jar, but probably more work than I'm interested in.

And this DIY project from Maya*Made, a burlap coffee sack covered bulletin board, got me to wondering if I could upcycle coffee sacks rather than purchasing a new roll of burlap. I'm thinking--cut it open on the long side, cut it into a square, then lay it face down on the table so that the print doesn't show. Hmm. I'm not sure it'd be big enough, but I like anything that's *free*! I'm going to ask Nena to check with The Nautical Bean next time she's there to see what they do with their sacks.
If the sacks aren't big enough, maybe crossing runners?

Kate did a practice table setup with her mom a couple months ago, using our plates and a bunch of great bud vases that her mom has collected. Unfortunately, my computer is not cooperating with those photos, so I'll have to share another time.

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Jordan said...

They have coffee bags on the wall at Case Coffee (I tried to take you and mom there but they were closed) and it looks really cool. The writing on them might bleed through to the other side though??