Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 272 (Sept 30)

The best gift ever arrived in the mail! Julia had lent us her glider rocker since it doesn't fit in her new apartment. The sweet hunter green corduroy cushions were looking pretty worn, so I was given free reign to re-cover them. Except I'm really not THAT good at sewing. And I've never done upholstery before. And I had 8 million other projects on the pre-baby to do list.

Sooo, my super amazing Aunt Val offered to take care of them for me, which is AWESOME because she's an amazing seamstress. The plan was to have my mom pick up the cushions on her way through town when she got the call that I was in labor...but she was in a hurry and went the other way. Oops! No biggie, but of course my aunt couldn't stand the idea of the baby without a rocking chair, so she mailed them!

Look how amazing they turned out?!!? SO FABULOUS! I have the best looking glider rocker in all the land.
Love it! Even in a partially finished nursery.
Thank you, Auntie Val!!!


Julia said...

It's like an entirely new, so much better looking chair!!!! So amazing. And so much less 1995.

Jordan said...

Woo hoo way to rock it Auntie Val!!

Myles F. Corcoran said...

That is great!