Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 299 (Oct 27)

Lana met her new best buddy today! So exciting! Our friends, Jamie and Michael, had their daughter, Eden, just 2 weeks after Lana was born. These girls have years of great East Bay hikes to look forward to together. 

It's so funny to be around another newborn. You would think they'd all be pretty similar...not hardly! Eden is itty bitty and super mellow. Her cry sounds muffled, and she appears to spend most of her time quietly hanging out and eating...very slowly! I was shocked to find Eden nursing for 45 minutes (or more) at a time. I know it's normal, but I'm used to Lana's crazy 5-10 minute sessions (which we're trying to work on, btw). Everything about Lana seems intense compared to Eden. I realize the difference of 2 weeks is significant at this stage of life, so we'll see how many of the differences stick, but we found it pretty entertaining at this point. 

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