Friday, October 29, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 297 (Oct 25)

Lana spends a lot of her (calm) alert time looking past us. She'll play with us for a little while, then when it's all too much, she'll look away for a good long while, until she's ready to get mad. She LOVES looking at the rafters in our main living room. Or maybe it's the pendant lights? Or the skylights? Who knows, but man she can stare at them for days.
She's also quite the stretching pro. Whenever she's ready to take a break from nursing, or when she gets released from her swaddle, we get this big, immediate, arms overhead stretch. It's pretty freaking adorable. 
Another incredibly becoming trait--she's quite the gassy bugger. She could put my little brother, Cory, to shame (which is impressive, trust me). You can sometimes hear her handiwork across the house. Seriously. This would be her lighting it up at the dinner table while hanging out with her dad...
In other news, she had her first major blowout today. This is the special gift we found upon removing her from her carrier after a walk. Nice work, Little Bit. 
Isn't she just the most talented thing you've ever seen?? ;)

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Jordan said...

she will kill you for this when she's older. this is how parents get axe murdered.