Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 290 (Oct 18)

Yet another fabulous borrowed item from Karaliese--the Beco baby carrier. I LOVE this carrier. I have multiple options at home, but was finding the wraps too difficult to get tight enough to hold her itty bitty-ness close to me, she was too floppy in the Bjorn, and they all left my lower back hurting after any significant amount of time. But the Beco has an infant insert that keeps her high and close, and a waist belt to help distribute the weight--so everybody is comfortable and happy! 

The great thing about carrying a baby is that typically after a few minutes of fussing (if any), they knock right out! Or at least stay mellow. For hours! Hands free baby cuddling for hours?! Count me in! The only bummer is if I try to sit, Lana lets me know she's having none of it. It's the movement that keeps her happy, and there's none of that when I'm sitting. Dang!
Today's Challenge: learning to spit over the baby and her carrier! Good news--I was successful.
Evidence of the awesome knock-out capabilities of the carrier! Another nice thing with the Beco--you can remove the carrier without having to totally man-handle the baby--which means you might actually get a few extra minutes of quiet time while she sleeps! 

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Bryn said...

Oh gosh. I just laughed out loud. I think I'm going to need proof that you made it over both Lana and the carrier. It was good seeing you the other day!