Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 300 (Oct 28)

We had one of those embarrassing new parent days today. It was a nice morning, so we decided to venture out to Fremont, our old stomping grounds, to walk the lake and hit up a couple stores. After our walk, we sat down to have some lunch in the park, and I called Jenn. Jenn is marrying my old co-worker, Daniel, next weekend and I'm helping out on the morning of their big day, so she met up with us for a few minutes to talk about the day. 

Before she arrived, we were eating our sandwiches and Lana, sitting in her carseat on the table, was blowing earth shaking bubbles out her backside. It was quite entertaining, until Raf took her out to change her diaper. She had the gnarliest blowout I've ever seen! There was a ring of poo circling her onesie...on the front side!! Woah. 

So, of course, we freak out, wanting to change her quickly. But she's already crying because she's hungry. And her hungry cry is INTENSE and un-calmable. And, at this moment, Mother Nature decides that she's done with the nice sunny day, the wind picks up like crazy, and the clouds roll in. So we've got her stripped down on top of a picnic table, in the middle of a park, in chilly, windy weather, and she's screaming like an abused child (which is maybe valid at this point)...and this is the moment that Jenn walks up. So much for maintaining the facade that we have life under control, eh! Kiss that goodbye, Brooke, it's not part of parenthood. 
Fortunately, Jenn opted not to turn us in to CPS. And luckily, Lana is forgiving. We got lots of these adorable smiles later that evening.  


Jordan said...

hahaha that's hysterical. Good Job Lana.

Jenn said...

It's okay, she's still perfect :)