Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Gear Top 10: Bjorn Babysitter

We have a number of friends joining the wonderful world of parenthood, so I'll be sharing information about our favorite gear for the newborn phase over the next couple weeks. Picks are not ranked in any particular order.

Are you familiar with the Bjorn Babysitter? Many of our friends swear by this bouncy seat. I picked up an older version on Craigslist, as I wasn't ready to commit to the steep price tag. I'm glad I did; Lana wasn't content to spend hours in hers like some of our friends, but most of the time I could at least take a shower while she was sitting in it, and I was happy to have it.

Unless you're game for wearing your babe 24/7, you're probably going to need an infant appropriate baby seat. If you can afford this one (or get super lucky and find a well-priced used one), it's a pretty fabulous little contraption. For starters, it's super handy for taking on the road because it folds flat. It also has 3 recline positions (active, rest & sleep), and if you get the new model, you don't even have to take your kid out to change positions--awesome if you have a babe that will fall asleep in it and you want to lay them back to help them sleep longer.

The toy bar is a fairly expensive addition. I would say that it's not necessary, but certainly nice to help keep your developing baby occupied. The thing I love about this seat and the toy bar, in particular, is that it's not overbearing. There's nothing hanging in their face--they can play if they want, but it doesn't obscure their vision if they simply want to watch the world go by. Ours did come with a more primitive toy bar, but most of the time I just hung a toy from the waist strap with a linky.

Long story short, you can live without this one, but if you have the option to borrow, buy used, or register for it, it's definitely a nice piece of gear that I'll be keeping around to be used by the next rugrat.

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