Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Photography Challenge, Day 25: Something Pink

Well, the good news is that the one thing that I photographed on the 25th actually had some pink in it! Ok, so maybe I'm working a little backwards here, but you all know me better than to think I was going to be able to succeed with another daily photo post project (hello 365 Project!!) 

This is my first skirt since the itty bitty one I made for Maddy last year. I made this one for Julia, Raf's cousin, for her 7th birthday, so obviously it needed to be bigger and slightly more elaborate! I used this tutorial from MADE, and found it to be pretty simple. And it does make a darn cute skirt, doesn't it! I just hope it fits ok. 

After putting together this skirt, I decided I need a serger. Well, maybe NEED isn't the appropriate word, but you know what I mean! Too much time spent ironing hems and trying to sew over 8 layers of bulk! And as you can see here, the top of the skirt still didn't end up with a finished hem...?! Don't ask me how that happened.

If anyone out there has tips on a simple, effective, reasonably priced serger, let me know!

By the way, I included close up photos of my screw ups and wonky seams as inspiration to you all. You don't have to be a perfect seamstress to end up with a super cute finished product! And it'll probably still last twice as long as that spendy outfit from The Gap!


Jordan said...

looks great!! now make me one :D

Kelsey said...

you know...if you wanted the spendy outfit from The Gap, all you have to do is ask and I will get it with the discount. :)

brooke said...

@Jordan: I'm undecided on how this elastic/pouf would look an an adult...?!

@Kelsey: Good point! I keep forgetting that my lost discount (Julia) has been replaced!!

Jordan said...

Any skirt will do, doesn't have to be a pouf baby skirt.

brooke said...

Um yeah, but clearly that's the only kind I know how to make!