Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Photography Challenge, Day 3: Clouds

The clouds weren't terribly exciting here today. Which is kind of odd, because they're quite impressive here about 342 days of the year. No new camera lessons learned today. Instead, I spent ALL night (seriously: half of Grand Torino and most of The Green Mile) trying to figure out how to install and use the free Adobe Photoshop Elements actions from the Pioneer Woman.

Thankfully, I was eventually successful. There are some fun ones in the packs (including a couple I used to gussy up these shots), but truth be told, I think I'm going to end up splurging on the Totally Rad Actions Original Mix; they're having a 30% off sale through Facebook this weekend. Do I need them? Of course not. Would it make this whole photography thing about a thousand times more fun? Hell yes.

Here are a couple bonus shots of the babe, venturing out to help mama with her photo assignment. do I convince the mama to come back inside so I don't have to touch the icky deck...??

You can find info about this photo challenge on The White Peach Photography blog. Motivated to join me yet?? I know I've heard from a few of you on Facebook that you're tempted. DO IT! Then link your photos up in my comments too, so that I don't feel so darn lonely!


Jordan said...

These photos look awesome! I mean, a hundred times better than the first day and you're only on day 3.

brooke said...

Thanks!! There just might be something to this manual mode...!!