Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Photography Challenge, Day 27: From a Distance

If by "distance", you mean "across the deck", then cool. So, I'm not really staying on point with the assignments! At least I can prove that I actually do have my camera out daily, shooting in manual mode, and playing with Photoshop and Totally Rad when I find the time! And that's the point, darn it!

Yesterday, unlike today, was a gorgeous day. I spent pockets of time outside on and off all day--planting some new cucumbers, squash, and peppers (which will hopefully survive the crap weather to follow better than they did last time!), embroidering eyes on Maddy's doll (finally!!), and simply enjoying the sunshine. When Lana wasn't napping, she was kicking it on the deck, taking in the Redwoods and keeping mama company.


Jordan said...

the faces she makes kill me.

Anonymous said...

Love these! you are doing an excellent job! sure do miss you two! :( xoxoxo