Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Photography Challenge, Day 2: What You (She) Wore Today

Clearly, this is not what I wore today. I wore my PJs until I finally took a shower at 3pm. Then I put on yoga pants with my slippers. Yes, I'm that impressive. So, maybe I'm not sticking exactly to the guidelines with this little challenge, but here's the thing: I'm doing this to motivate me to learn how to take better photos with my huge, expensive camera. Why? To take share-worthy shots of two things: my child and my Bumble work (because better pictures=more sales). I could care less about learning how to take pictures of myself in sweats.

Today I learned how to put my camera in Manual Focus mode, so that I twist the lens to determine focus, rather than allowing the camera to do it automatically. I also played around a bit with ISO levels. Baby steps.

Speaking of what Lana wore today, it's relevant with regards to yesterday's Baby Gear post. You can pick up a variety of these cute, organic Faded Glory PJ sets at Wal-Mart for $5! Just be sure to size up; this is a 12 month size (she's 8 mos old), and her little muffin top is already hanging out!

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