Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Photography Challenge, Day 28: Flowers

The skirt has flowers...COUNT IT! :)

My friend, Karaliese, bought me the pattern to make this doll almost a year ago. I just finished it. Moral of the story: I need to be given VERY specific deadlines (with the expectation that I may still lag)!

I actually finished the doll itself a few months ago...but didn't get around to embroidering her face on until this week. Why? Embroidering a face = scary. The result? Wonky, but still cute. And not nearly as terrifying as I expected. It did take me a couple naps worth of time (interpretation: I'm slow), but it was quicker than I thought it'd be. Moral of this story: Just do it already!!

Wanna make your own Mae doll? You can buy this pattern or tons of others through Bit of Whimsy's website. Not feeling so ambitious? You can buy finished dolls there too. She releases new dolls every Thursday night, and posts previews on her FB page. She has the most adorable stuff--it requires some serious will power for me to not buy every pattern!!

Curious why this doll was commissioned in the first place? Because it's more difficult than you might think to find a soft baby doll that's not blonde haired and blue eyed. And sometimes it's nice to give your child a toy that actually looks like them, or {gasp!} maybe even represents a bit of diversity! The wonderful thing about Mae is that she comes with 3 examples of different ethnicities in one pattern. All you need to do is change the skin, eye and hair color/style, and you've got a doll that can represent little girls from all corners of the world!

Now, to set a goal of making one of these babies for Solana before she turns 5! Except her name will be Mei instead of Mae. Obviously.  :)


Anonymous said...

i think she's perfect! :) great job! xxxooo

Bryn said...

Little Asian dolls! I had a few growing up, all handmade. Nice job!

Jordan said...

lalala it's been a month, time for a new post of cute pictures of my beautiful niece doing cute little 10 month old girl things.