Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun with Eden

A scorching hot walk date, turned pool visit, turned fabulous peach pork loin bbq dinner with the dads, included some playtime for Lana and Eden. It's so fun to see them together now that they can full interact and get around. Here's a glimpse at a couple entertaining exchanges:

1. The battle over who can close the doors the fastest.
2. Eden backs off; Lana probably gave her the creepy Voldemort voice. 
3. Bored with the closed doors (and unable to open them alone yet), Lana opts for acrobatics. 
4. The linebacker stance: a new favorite.
5. All doors have been re-opened: let the games begin! Eden is horrified that Lana chooses her door. Again. 
6. Oh yeah, two can play at that game!

Normally Lana is the aggressor around other babies (using her cousin as a booster to help her stand up, for instance). But this time, it's Eden getting physical!

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Jordan said...

Soooo cute. Double the cuteness.