Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 16

The oval satin stitch. I'd like to end my post there, full of satisfaction that I finally figured out how to produce a clean satin stitch with this new machine. Unfortunately that's not the case. So, I need to ask some of you sewers out there (Val & her mom!) for some troubleshooting help!

As you can see above, I was finally able to produce some clean and wonderful practice stitches. (Corrections I've learned over the last couple days include using the proper presser foot and figuring out a couple details I was missing to correctly thread the top of the machine.) But then when it came to the real deal, I get decently clean work on the top:And this tragic horibbleness on the bottom!
HELP!! What's the problem?!?! I even had some issues (again, only on the backside) with the straight stitches:
I was so excited to have finally gotten that stitch right, and was ecstatic at the prospect of completing a full blanket, start to finish, in one day. So much for that idea...

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