Friday, January 22, 2010

Stunners for Jordan

I recently noticed this post on Jordan's blog about her hopeless love for large and fabulous hair accessories (which I lovingly refer to as "Stunners").

I thought about holding the following how-to links hostage to force her to come visit me so we could try them together, but I figure I'll be nice and share. I started collecting these links with her in mind--I'm pretty sure I'd look like an idiot wearing a stunner. At least on my head. With her itty bitty stature and curly head of hair, they look like they were made for her.

Anywho, on to the links! Aren't these first two just to die for?! Love them! Find the tutorial here.

This one could be fun a fabric that's slightly less hideous. And maybe on something other than a jean jacket. (Ok, I'm horrible today, whatever!) Tutorial on design*sponge, here.

And finally, I should get to have a little fun during this handcrafting extravaganza visit that I'm imagining, right? Home decor bling is much more up my alley! This pillow is FAB! Tutorial on Etsy, here. I've been dying to start playing with felt. Maybe this will be my chance.

Jordan--you're welcome. Now COME VISIT so we can play!!!


Jordan said...

I am IN LOVE with the first ones with the little green stem things hanging down. I want to make them right now but it's 9:30 at night and I no longer live in Medford where craft stores are open until 10. sad.

brooke said...

Look! More!