Monday, January 4, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 4

Card for my first customer. A soon-to-be bride that saw our wedding covered on S&I asked me to re-create our Kitchen Dancing Mixed Tape CD holder for her wedding this Spring. Super happy to do it. Enjoyed it so much that I think I'll start a little Etsy shop offering the service. I'll keep you posted.

I love this card. The layout came to me in bed one morning during the annual holiday cardmaking weekend. Unfortunately, I had inspiration for a card celebrating the wrong holiday, but whatever--it's still one of my favorites! Maybe we'll duplicate this one for our Valentine Card Club this year.
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Vicki said...

Great card hon!! We need to do a mid-year stamp weekend!! love ya! xoxo

lindsey said...

such a tease!

Nicole said...

LOVE IT! Hmm, I'm already envisioning the day when I read that you've left ACS to start your own stationary company. :)