Saturday, January 9, 2010

The House List

It's the first real weekend of 2010 and Raf is already hard at work on the house (thank goodness!) So, I thought I'd be nice and make a little 2010 House list for him, otherwise known as Raf's Honey Do List:
  • Fix the bedroom window (so we can stop sleeping in Antarctica). 1/11/10.
  • Fix the hole in the wall in the master bath (so we can stop sleeping in Antarctica)
  • Fix the kitchen drain issue (whatever that's all about)
  • Finish sealing drafts (see previous notes about our southernmost continent)
  • Finish and install wood in the old door frames
  • Replace exterior door thresholds
  • Replace heat registers
  • Organize tools (so half the day isn't spent looking for them)
  • Install door moulding (after experimenting with my make-your-own idea)
  • Paint and install base boards
  • Replace the rest of the window sills in the house (Oy!)
  • Install window moulding
  • Fix dish washer
  • Install ceiling fan (after I find the perfect candidate)
  • Install lighting fixtures in bedroom and hall (see note above)
  • Collect estimates for bathroom renovations
  • Replace hallway underlayment and lay floors
  • Replace interior doors
  • New closet doors?
  • Build mantle for fireplace
  • Touch-up paint in dining room
  • Organize laundry room/garage; install new shelving system
  • Bling out the family room as the coolest craft space ever seen (and in exchange I may allow a flat screen to enter my home)
Check back for regular additions! Speaking of additions, here are a couple for my 2010 List that I forgot last week:
  • Learn to knit or crochet (I don't know the difference)
  • Waste less (primarily concerning food)
  • Make (way) more soap. It's more popular than expected!


Gena said...

Everyone has a preference, but I like crochet! I think it is easier, especially if you mess up and have to correct something. Have you checked out You have to join (its free), but they have a ton of free pattern!

Good luck!

Nicole said...

No idea what style you're shooting for on the mantle issue, but I have a huge soft spot for salvaged antique mantles. It's shocking how many are floating around out there on Craig's for only a couple hundred!

P.S. Wow, good luck with that mega-list, Raf!

lindsey said...

I love your new photo of the day! Yeah!

Jordan said...

Hey sis, too bad it's not 10 years ago I couldn't shown you how to knit AND crochet. I preferred knitting, it's easy and fun, especially if you're making something with no corners. However, I'm not a big fan of the yarn look unless it's a sweater. I hope you don't make toilet paper roll covers and all of that weird crap.