Friday, January 22, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 22

I started my Photoshop for Design class this week. I learned how to crop a crab off a plate and replicate a lemon slice. Pretty exciting stuff. It's a 5 hour class--you'd think it would drag terribly. Nope. Loved it and can't wait to start learning how to create my own stuff!

I went to the college bookstore today to pick up my textbook, then spent another 15 minutes seeing what kind of cool things students are learning about in other classes. The books above were the most exciting find. The Color Index books show tons and tons of super sweet color combinations, and give the coding (RGB values, for instance) to achieve those colors. A-MAZ-ING! Anyone looking to spoil me has found a good path. Not that I'm hinting or anything...

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