Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Abby...(literally)

Here's the fabric I found. I love that your friend chose a pink and green color scheme for the new baby's room (and that I bought this fabric with you in mind without knowing that!) If this isn't perfect, let me know and we'll find a combo that is!

Here's an up close look at the design on the green fabric (though the color isn't accurate in this shot). It's so fun! Little sea turtles, coral, shells, anchors and tridents!
In other news, I need to find a back to match these fun little dots! Maybe some stripes.
And this fabric. {Sigh} I LOVE this fabric. It may be too much for a baby blanket. Or too Christmas-y of colors. Unless the mother was FABULOUS of course, then she wouldn't care. But then, it may be so incredible that it ends up nowhere but in a frame on my wall.


Nicole said...

OMG! I'm obsessed with that fabric. Deer ... birds... blue... too many good things! Where in the world did you find this goodness? They must have a million other beautimous patterns that I really shouldn't see. So don't tell me! Ok, tell me.

brooke said...

I should've known you'd be fabulous enough to love this fabric! I picked it up at a quilt shop in Danville. It's pretty easy to get your hands on it...get prego and it's all yours!! ;)