Monday, January 18, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 18

The Satin Stitch Oval, mastered. I guess practice really does make perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but pretty darn nice with a touch of handmade imperfection, at least!

Turns out I need to give a consistent pull out the back side of the machine with my left hand, and keep the quilt squished nice and flat with my right hand to get it to work. (Oy.) I had read that this machine was wonderful, but wasn't the greatest option when it came to quilting. Guess now I understand why. But hey, at least I got it to work!

Busy in the sewing room today--not only did I finish Abby's blanket (more pictures once I have some good light), but I also got all the pieces cut for 4 more belly blankies tonight! WooHoo!

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