Saturday, September 4, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 246

Saturday was one long and FULL day! For starters, I needed to finish a baby quilt for Jamie's baby shower that afternoon. Check! Unfortunately, after I finished the quilt at 11am, I looked at the invitation and discovered that the shower started at 11am, not 2pm!!! ACK! 

So I threw together this card, put myself together, and ran out! 
Thankfully, her shower was super informal--no present opening, no everyone sitting and facing the same direction at the same time, so it was super easy for me to sneak in undetected. Whew! 

Their neighborhood clubhouse in Danville was the perfect location, as always! 
Anything look familiar here? The burlap, perhaps?! Yep, finally found a use for that bolt we had leftover from our wedding! 
And no party thrown by (or in honor of) Jamie would be complete without cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. So yummy!
Meanwhile, Raf and Mike were hard at work on the house bathroom remodel. All weekend, actually, not just Saturday. We'd had the plumber in on Friday, so they kicked off the morning by picking up our new cast iron bathtub. After Raf realized it weighed about 500 lbs (no joke), he liked to blame me for picking it out. But I'm going on the record here to state the truth: his choice!!
It took a little creativity to get it into the bathroom. 
They got it in, and nobody lost any fingers or toes. Although that was lucky considering Raf was wearing flip flops...?!?! Sometimes I don't know what's wrong with that guy. 

Then, once the boys decided to call it quits for the night on the bathroom, Mike decided that not having the baby room ready was unacceptable and that in order to earn the title of "the Godfather", he wanted to finish it...that night. I told him if he wanted to finish the bedroom, he could pick whatever title he wanted! 

So, they got to work. Again. They finished patching/sanding the holes in the wall, nailed in the last pieces of floor moulding (that Dad cut months ago!), installed and painted the window sill, and installed the new blinds. Then they started the HARD work...placing furniture! Ugh. 
We must have spent a good hour moving furniture around. Every piece of furniture has touched every wall in this least 3 times! It's not that there is necessarily too much furniture (though, in retrospect, I probably would have chosen a shorter dresser and had it double as a changing table), it's just that the furniture is all quite large! And it all has accessibility issues. I think we finally got everything in its home--not because it's perfect, rather because this is the only way to make everything fit! 
Then, if you can believe it, Mike went to meet a friend's brand new baby at a hospital in Fremont, and Raf decided he needed some wind-down time. So he put in Avatar(??), then (of course) fell asleep an hour in and tried to convince me we should pause it. Are you freaking kidding me?! I don't think so. (We had never seen it. And he still hasn't! Ha!)

What a day!


Bryn said...

I love that you just casually whipped together a baby blanket and handmade card one Saturday morning. No biggy.

Jordan said...

You just posted this 4 hours ago and mom already asked "have you heard from her sister, she hasn't posted on her blog in awhile." And yes, she had read this post.