Friday, September 17, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 259

It was a good day in the B household. For starters, we both got much-needed home! I met Lisa through my (also pregnant) friend, Jamie. Lisa lives here in town, and has been a stylist for years, but is now a stay at home mom. At Jamie's shower, I asked her if she could recommend an inexpensive haircut in town, and mentioned my jealousy of the friend who gets her hair cut for super cheap in her stylist's garage. After telling me about a couple options, she said..."Or I could just do it at your house--I'd love to make a little cash. As long as you wouldn't mind if I bring Jacob?" Um, yes please! 

I'm super happy to have a pre-baby haircut (though I probably should have left it a little longer to accommodate the chunky face), and even more excited that Raf got his first GOOD (non-military fade) haircut ever!

The best part of Raf's haircut? I got to hang out with Jacob! He has to be one of the most mellow babies ever. In the photo below, Jacob and I are breaking in a baby gift from Raf's friend, Eric. Well, actually it's from Eric's mom. Whom I've never met. How sweet is that?! Evidently she's a master quilt maker who loves babies...and actually made 3 options for Eric to choose from!! I'm glad he picked this one. It's adorable and the colors work great in our baby room. 
When I was getting my haircut, Jacob was entertaining himself in a BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance. These things are genius! Lisa swears by it, and considering you can start using it when a baby is 8lbs, I'm sold! He was having a ball kicking and keeping himself bouncing for ages. Unfortunately, I can't find a used one, so I may have to splurge on a new one, but if it works on our baby the way it worked on Jacob, it's worth it!

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