Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 260

I *may* have gone a little crazy at a fabric sale today. But here's the thing (get ready, a great excuse is coming!) It was for charity (ovarian cancer research). And it was really cheap to begin with ($2/yard). And after I had made it through half of the church GYM the sale filled (mind you, I even went late to avoid going overboard), they declared that everything was half off! Ok seriously, you know I can't resist used things ON SALE! (Remember the thrift store book shopping incident last week?!)

So I made a $36 donation today. I primarily ended up with random chunks of fabric--some stripes (baby stuff), some Christmas (?), and a whole lot of vintage-vibed little flowers (mis-matched napkin sets and baby skirts, perhaps?). And a few super old patterns and books that were just too much fun to resist.

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