Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Happiest Baby

We finally had our Happiest Baby on the Block DVD viewing party with Jamie and Michael. The video comes very highly recommended by friends, and we want all the help we can get! The boys in particular were in awe of the skills of Dr. Karp, "The Baby Whisperer". Cross your fingers that we're quick learners, and that Baby B is a willing participant!

A huge thanks to Karaliese for sharing the DVD with us!


Jordan said...

Umm...whatever that is, it's scaring me.

brooke said...

It's a series of methods to soothe (silence) a crying baby in the first few months. If we can get it to work, I'm sure you'll appreciate it when you're visiting! ;)

Patt said...

Hoping YOU have the 'happiest baby'...and that you won't need to practice these methods too much! ;-) But, good to be prepared! Congratulations... <3