Monday, September 6, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 248

A tour of the weekend's progress...
(Someone remind me to start feeding Raf.) 
The hardy backer and walls are in, for the most part. Raf is borrowing a neighbor's truck to go pick up one last sheet to finish the walls tonight. Woo Hoo! No more looking at that dark, nasty, bare room. 
We have a ceiling! And the beginnings of a vent fan that doesn't rattle incessantly! 
Note to the hubs: Don't forget to lay the netting back down around the plumbing before you replace that part of the wall!
It's getting there! We pick up the tile tomorrow. Now I just need to find out where to buy some wide plank paneling...I wanna get a little funky in this bathroom! ;)

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