Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nursery Decor Inspiration

Now that the furniture is settled(ish) in the baby's room, it's finally time to find some inspiration for the fun stuff! There's not an over abundance of wall space in this room, but the way we have to situate the furniture leaves a bunch of irritating empty corners.

Each piece of furniture sits in the middle of the wall, rather than pushed into a corner, because you have to be able to fully access each piece. And because it's big furniture, or there are stupid things like floor vents in the way, these corner spaces aren't really accessible to the point where you could put a little something back there. Other than maybe a hamper? Or a lamp?

Anyway, I'm thinking that if I try to draw the eye upwards with some fun goodness hanging from the ceiling, maybe the lame corner spaces will be less irritating? Maybe.

So I committed some weekend time to perusing Ohdeedoh. Ohdeedoh is the kid room version of Apartment Therapy. It's basically awesome. The Kids' Room Tours page is the only place I need to go to find inspiration for the nursery. So here are a variety of ideas I'm digging at the moment.

For starters, the room at the top may look familiar. I posted it forever ago, when Lindsey got pregnant. I still love it. And obviously, that's where I got my paint color inspiration!

One of the ideas that I'm loving the most right now, are the big, bold paper flowers hanging from the ceiling. I especially love the look when they're mixed with some white paper lanterns.
The name on the wall isn't really my thing, but I thought this was a really fun way to do it. And I love that name. 
The tissue paper flowers look so bold and funky in this room! And I'm absolutely SMITTEN by those fabric book holders hanging on the wall. If only I could find some low, accessible wall space in our room! Maybe when the baby is old enough to move the rocker out of the room.
The paper covered stars are a fun alternative.
This mix is definitely my fave. Looks like I need to go shopping for tissue paper and lanterns!
Or how fun is this little paper pieced mobile. It's so simple, but I kind of love it. Jordan, wanna start picking out some papers and cutting? You can finally break in that sewing machine!

Moving past the ceiling, I'm digging this little shelf.
And I'm loving lots of things about this room:
Like this itty bitty shelf crammed into a corner. I'd like to add a fan and a radio to the room, but wasn't really sure  where to put them (because of plug access), but this could definitely work in the nook between the changing table and the crib. 
Note to self: pick up some of these little drawer boxes at Ikea for baby accessories. I'm going a little box crazy at the moment, btw. Like overboard. As in I purchased a dozen storage boxes at Target yesterday...for the baby room alone. I'm just so tired of looking at crap all over our house! I want it PUT AWAY!!
I've always loved the look of an embroidery hoop collection. This one gathered around a circular mirror is awesome.  
And look at this little mobile she made!! So freaking adorable. The clouds and raindrops are made of felt. I may just have to put one of these together. Especially if we have a girl. But focused around a little sunshine instead. ;)
And look! That looks like a hamper and a diaper genie crammed into a lame little corner. (With an adorable mobile hung above to distract!) Sold!

I can't recall where I found this nursery, but I love all of the adorable little details. 
Speaking of adorable details, this was another one of my favorite rooms. I'm absolutely in love with this quilt. I think I even have this quilt pattern bookmarked somewhere. Not that I know how to quilt. But whatever.
Actually, I love all of this mom's quilts. I'm in "I must have this" mode with this one in particular. The colors combinations she puts together are so awesome! 

How great is this giraffe lamp?!
And the decals! I'm not even a fan of wall decals, but these are so cute!
And this embroidered loveliness by September House. Sigh. She sells patterns for anyone who feels like putting their embroidery hat on! And I love the idea of embroidering the image to a fun fabric backer--genius!
And why don't we just add this adorable little alligator to the "Softies I Must Make" list?!
I'm also digging this little bucket box. (YAY FOR STORAGE BOXES!) I'm dying to know what all that sewn goodness is that it's holding? Burp cloths? Washcloths? Hmmm.
Ok, that's enough inspiration for one week. Now to go make some of it happen in my own house!


Julia said...

Oh my god, these rooms are amazing. 2 things I thought of while reading... I have no idea where he got it, but Chris has a wicker laundry basket with cloth bag/cover that is shaped like a circle cut into a 4th, so it fits nicely in a corner but still has some shape.

Also, the dollar store had some baskets and storage bins last time I was there. They weren't all cute, but most of them probably could be depending on what you put in them!

Julia said...

Although if you wanted to make an ikea trip, I do live RIGHT there and would be happy to carry for you!

Jordan said...

I like the embroidery hoops a lot. Do that. Or I'll do it in adult fabrics for myself :p

brooke said...

I think I will try the hoops. Especially considering I have a bag of like 7 of them in my craft space that I bought forever ago. If I'm not feeling it in the baby room, then I'll just do it somewhere else!