Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaigning Kids

It's been forever since I did my blog rounds, catching up on what friends are posting about, so I decided tonight was the night. While visiting Lindsey, I followed her link to the fun eye candy blog of Elizabeth Williams. (Btw, Lindsey mentions how she visits this blog often just to listen to the music--best tip ever! Loving it.) Elizabeth's most recent post is about "kid art" and she shared this picture from her neighbor's yard:

So awesome. I especially love the kid logic of clarifying "not McCain". It totally reminds me of this campaigning kid art, found in my uncle's driveway during the primaries:

The story behind this chalk campaign art is seriously adorable. Evidently my aunt came home one day to find their lawn signs gone--she vented her irritation aloud, thinking someone had stolen them. In retrospect, she thinks the campaign was just picking them up to use in the next city, but my 7 year old cousin took this offense seriously and went out and created her own Obama signs--ones no one could steal! (At least not without a hose!) Freaking adorable. I love my family.

Late addition: I just checked out Elizabeth's Etsy shop. (If you've never visited Etsy before, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend! Do the world a favor: Buy Handmade and support individual artisans!) She makes some very sweet jewelry. Here are my faves:

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