Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Comeback

Ok, ok, people, I'm back! I realize that many of you are having withdrawls (and many more are probably breathing a sigh of relief at having a week's break from me!) I assure you that I miss my blog more than you do. For those of you who haven't heard, I changed jobs (same employer & office, different position) a few weeks ago, so things have been crazy--I have a lot to learn, so I'm not making it home with much energy left over for blogging these days. I'll make a comeback tho, promise!

In other news, I was super stoked to check my Tivo today and see that the Oprah show was focused on animal farming techniques, spurred by California's Prop 2. Basically Prop 2 provides more cage space for a few types of farm animals: chickens, veal calves & pregnant pigs. (Btw, I tear up every time I see the Yes on Prop 2 commercial--while it's irrelevant to caging, I can't handle the shot of the live cow being pushed by the forklift.) While it's a step in the right direction, I'd prefer that we all take a much bigger step and vote with our forks by purchasing cage free/free range/grass farmed animals...you know: raised as Mother Nature intended. It's awesome to see a few of America's responsible, free range farms receiving some well-deserved, prime time exposure.

Side note: I learned from the Oprah show today that Chipotle serves only free range pork--guess I'll have to reconsider eating at Chipotle afterall (I've had issues with the white rice in the burritos!)

I'll be back with our latest venue options (and new woes) soon!


Jordan said...

You should just move to ashland you damn hippie. kidding. but we could open up our store. :D

brooke said...

Oh please, you're the vegetarian! I realize it's not for humane reasons, rather just that you prefer bean burritos and mac n cheese, but still...you're the only one I don't need to convert!

Smith - dontskimponthefoodbudget said...

More cage space? Oh good lord!
Vote that crap down and drive the moron that sponsored that bill out on a rail. But in the meantime, do like Brooke does and EAT PASTURIZED/ORGANIC/HIPPY - market forces are really the best way to spur change.

Jordan, rank more cage space on my "What's the point?" list as #7.

All this is gonna do is drive up costs for ranchers and in turn make meat more expensive for the folks that still buy that crap.

Medical benefits? uhhh, i'm sure an extra cubic foot ain't gonna stop the spread of disease.

Quality of life improvement? A) they're animals, we are going to kill and eat them. kinda odd to be talking about life isn't it? B) not a huge diff between being forced to lie in one position, and getting the "FREEEDOM" of being able to stand, turn and lie facing the other direction.

Like Mister Miagi said "Karate do, or Karate don't.... Karate in the middle - SQUISH like grape."

In order otherwords, let them piggies/cluckers pasture (as you say) or jam them things in tiny-ass cages. I fail to see the value in letting them have tiny cages (as opposed to tiny-ass cages).

smith - meat said...

Wife and I made a mint off of Chipotle stock a while back. One of those rare cases where we simply had perfect timing in our trades. Their food rocks too!

Jordan - I'm morally opposed to Veggies and since I'm sure you took the right tone (I saw that stalker remark!) You get no more comments from me. Enjoy your commentless blog

smith - typo said...

crap...i meant to say "I'm NOT sure you took the proper tone"

no edit ability sucks

Smith - flipflop said...


I just saw the dancing pig ad.


F'ing hysterical - nothing changes minds like belly-shaking laughter.

VOTE YES TO PROP 2 - if you don't, the terriorists win.

Jordan said...
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