Thursday, October 16, 2008

Engaged: Ashley & Leo!

I'm tellin you--it's POURING around here! Thankfully the barrage of engagements is full of great couples and excellent friends! Most recently engaged are Ashley and Leo. Ashley is one of my closest and dearest friends and I couldn't be more excited! (Seriously, I really couldn't be. It's so much more fun to think about other people's weddings!)

Leo planned a very sweet surprise weekend away and proposed to Ashley after feeding giraffes in a behind-the-scenes tour of Safari West in Santa Rosa. Too freaking cute! I mean, seriously, did you see that picture?!!? As expected, Leo was ridiculous--Ashley's ring is GINORMOUS (and gorgeous)!

After our Girls Night dinner with Julia tonight, I made the executive decision that they should get married in Vegas. The good news is it's an option that they're willing to consider, so I'm just going to go ahead and start planning it! :) My goal is to visit every fun getaway spot I can think of through weddings in 2009!

Photo from LorenzFoto, Las Vegas

Congrats you two! We're so thrilled to spend our lives sharing couple time with you!

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smith - hops said...

Looking at that last picture, I can't help but be amazed!


She's clearing what, 24 - 30 inches?

In heals?!! And in a super heavy dress!!?!

The list of reasons why this shot is so impressive grows ever-longer.