Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pops Gets a Buck

I got an awesome call from Pops today. On the last day of hunting season, he got a buck! I'm super excited for him, it's probably been 10-15 years since dad harvested his last buck. He took an extensive hiatus from hard core hunting when I got really into volleyball and traveled to play year round. He's only begun hunting more regularly since retiring these last few years, but even that has been more about learning Oregon's systems and new country. This is the first season where he's actually sounded serious about getting out there--camping and hunting on foot...and go figure, the old ways still work!

A lot of the newer friends in my life may not know that I come from a hunting family. I started hunting with my dad while still in a car seat, but have never been interested in yielding the rifle myself. I spent a few years struggling with the cruelty aspect, but in the last year, as I've educated myself more about our food systems, I couldn't be more proud to come from a family that hunts. I come from people who hunted to feed their families in winter, when work was slow. I come from a father who respects the animals he's hunting, wastes nothing, and cherishes Mother Nature above all else. I realize now that, done respectfully, there's no more humane, sustainable, or healthy way to be a meat eater.

I'm looking forward to learning delectable ways to prepare the venison that will be coming our way this winter--Dad's typical pan-fried technique is not happening in our house! Congrats Pops!


Jordan said...

I'm going tomorrow!!! Yay can't wait. the .243 is all ready and set to go. I wonder what kind of tag Ronnie had because Western Oregen Rifle is open for 2 more weeks.

Smith - Bambi said...

Your closing paragraph is why I think you are tops. Compassionate, but not so bleeding heart that it distorts all logic.

You should try hunting. Or perhaps photographing wild animals (but hunting is a lot cheaper!)...any excuse/inspriation to get into the wilderness and sit for hours on end.
Not to sound hippy, but when the forest forgets a human is present, it's wonderful seeing what happens.