Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Venues: The Garden at Peacock Farms

Our second stop on the venue tour was The Garden at Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande. The young couple who owns this place have done an awesome job turning their home into a beautiful wedding venue. She does floral design for local weddings, he's a greenhouse farmer--his handiness and her wedding experience clearly paid off for them as they designed this place. Here's our breakdown:
  • Cost: Not unreasonable, but also not in our range. The base price is right on the edge of what we'll consider, but there are required add-ons that put it over the edge for us.
  • The Look & Feeling: It's beautiful. Every detail has been considered to be sure couples have options. We loved the cover of walnut trees over the reception area, the little bar shack, and the windmill. It's, of course, also covered in flowers, including a rose garden outside the bridal prep area.
  • Competitive Edge: They really did think of everything when designing this place. You can even bring all your booze, etc., the day before and store it in the walk-in cooler she has on-site for her flowers.

Long story short, we have to cut it due to budget. And that's ok, I think we tend to prefer something a little more raw.

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