Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congrats on Retirement, Miss Edy!

My friend, mentor, and the Director of our office, Edy, retired at the end of August. Edy worked here for over 14 years and was nothing short of incredible. I miss her dearly already and it's only been a couple months! (Btw, it's Edy's position that I recently inherited--thank goodness she left things in impeccable condition. Now if only I didn't have such impossibly big shoes to fill!)

We finally hosted a small retirement party with staff and a few volunteers at Barone's in Pleasanton last night (a BIG thank you to my colleague, Louisette, for organizing everything!) It was a great time and a really cool environment. Barone's gave us this cute little outdoor patio, and thanks to our Indian summer, the weather was perfect.

And for the interest of my mom and sister, here are a few shots of some notecards that I made for the party. I was going for a guestbook concept, but didn't want to bring an actual book. Instead, I made these little postcard style cards for people to write their well wishes. I sized them to fit in the small purple box you see in the photo below. The box is from a pair of earrings Santa once gave me, and it says "Million Wishes" on the front (the name of the accessory company). I had planned to cover it with matching designer paper until Louisette looked at me like I was nuts--I hadn't realized the poetic coincidence of the "million wishes" sentiment!

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