Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Excited!

I was SO excited to see this new post on my sister's blog today! As well as the ADORABLE card she made above. I can't wait for our Annual Cardmaking Weekend (just 2 short weekends away)! Unfortunately, rusty doesn't even begin to describe my current creative cardmaking status. Fortunately, I can copy (and/or just steal) Jordan's cards; the pace at which she whips out cards seriously peeves me.


lindsey said...

Do we get the honor of making your cards post card-a-thon?? I miss y'all and need to get a bit creative!

brooke said...

Hey Lindsey! Absolutely! I feel like such a jerk for skipping Card Club in October (esp cuz Halloween cards are so cute!) but things have just been too crazy to add another assignment to just yet. But we'll definitely be on for mid-November. I'm thinking the week I get back from our cardmaking blitz would be fun, because I'll have had some time to work on things, and will be able to show you a bunch of Christmas cards we made, in preparation for December. So maybe Nov 12 or 13--I'll send out an email this week...promise! I totally know how you feel--I need some creative time too! See you soon. b