Thursday, October 16, 2008

Match Party!

Oh yes, friends, you read that right--Match Party, as in! I finally hounded Raf's boys about extending their dating circles so much that they actually suggested gathering to create their profiles! (Remember my note from this post?! 5 years of being the only girl attending gatherings on a regular basis is getting old!) Of course, first they had to cleverly disguise the gathering as "Poker Night":

But, have no fear, by the end of the evening they were no longer gathered around cards and chips, but rather my desktop and profiles of Bay Area ladies aged 21-27! (It's HILARIOUS to me that not one of them was willing to look at girls older than them, but barely legal was totally fine!)

Hey guys, you should send me links to your profiles so I can post them here for perusal by all my single blog followers (all 3 of them!) HA! I can't wait for the dating stories to come! On a serious note though, Raf really does have an amazing group of friends. These guys are fun, big hearted, and genuinely good people. Ladies, if you have any interest, you know where to find them (just spend any weekend with me!)


Danielle said...

i just laughed and had to show jin ho this post. i love it. You are amazing. I also love how you post pictures of their transition from the poker table to your computer!!

Kristen said...

kwyThat is the funniest thing I have heard in a long, long time. I absolutely love it! Maybe you could get one of our mutual friends from ACS to join in the action...:)