Saturday, October 25, 2008

Collections: Patron Bottles

While staying with Nena and Dana in SLO recently, I've been smitten by their everyday centerpiece idea: flowers displayed in Patron bottles! I'm totally planning to steal the idea for our table centerpieces at the wedding. So clean and simple, I just love it. And don't worry, Mother, we'll take off the labels so we don't look like complete alcoholics!

I took the pictures below our during our first planning trip to SLO; the last time we were there, the Patron bottle was full of Gerber daises--one of my faves! Pretty much anything you put in it looks adorable.

So, here's your assignment, friends: start drinking good tequila (Patron, please!) and, for the next 8-10 months, gift your empty bottle to us! Have a good friend who's a bartender, or frequent the local taqueria a little too regularly? Even better! If we're able to collect 20 or so bottles without having to drink them all ourselves, that would be ideal (for our wallets and livers!)

Thanks friends! (Who wants to throw the first Margarita night?!)


Jordan said...

so I just happen to know about half of the bartenders in Ashland on a first name basis and a few of them are really good friends so I'm on it. Those are super cute.

brooke said...

That's what I like to hear! Thanks little sister!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you are getting help w/this honey! :) maybe a little too much from your sister! or should i say both of them if there are already two at Nenas! xoxo mom

Jordan said...

So I got 2 last night and I sent a text to my friend steve who works the door at the hong kong bar and he said they recycle them but he'll ask the bartenders to save them for me. My trunk is going to smell like tequila.