Sunday, October 5, 2008

Venues: Dallidet Adobe & Gardens

We found Dallidet Adobe & Gardens on recommendation from Jin Ho. He DJ'd a wedding here recently and insisted we check it out. Raf also thought it sounded familiar from his college catering days. Turns out, it's amazing.
  • Cost: Super reasonable. It's owned by the SLO Historical Society, so the prices are great.
  • The Look & Feeling: It's gorgeous--a little garden haven, quiet and serene. It even has a couple random redwood trees growing out of the middle of the grounds (which Raf noted as symbolic for us, due to the Big Basin engagement, etc. How cute is he?!)
  • Competitive Edge: It's in downtown SLO! It's at the end of two dead-end roads on either side, so even though it's right downtown, I never even knew it existed. It's not obnoxious like most places in the middle of town where people driving by can see you in the backyard.

Unfortunately, Dallidet has one (very significant) downfall--your event has to be over and cleaned up by 6:30pm. BOO! We're so bummed about this place. Obviously a daytime wedding is totally doable, but we're looking forward to enjoying a long party with our friends and family. The last thing we want to do is ask our families to travel 12 hours (by car from Oregon for my family, by plane from Poland for his), then call it a day at 6pm! This is yet another place where I want an excuse to throw a different party though. Visions of baby showers...(no time soon, of course!)

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