Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lost Posts: Gina & Eric's Wedding

Two weeks before our wedding, we went on a mini vacation to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate Gina & Eric's big day. Some people thought we were crazy leaving town so soon before our own wedding, but for us it was perfect. It was just the break we needed to relax, unwind and regroup. Besides, I kinda encouraged them switch their wedding day so that we could go to each other's weddings, so there was no missing this one!
The setting was absolutely perfect. They got married on the beach, just below the family of resorts we all stayed in. The cocktail reception was poolside, and the reception was a short walk down the beach. How great is the palm frond arch?! Love it!
After the ceremony, they went for a side-by-side ride down the beach. It was pretty classic. As you can see, Gina's a natural on a horse; Eric on the other hand...well, let's just say he'd prefer to walk!
Eric holding his own here...
Not looking quite so cozy here! When you look at all of their photos, there's a series of 5 or 6 shots that are absolutely hilarious! Eric's faces are priceless.
My absolute favorite catch by the photog:
The humidity and tears were not helping my look:
The fun placecards I spent the morning tying shells to:
Tabasco's! Such a sweet spot to have a casual little reception right on the beach.
Eric's work crew, who we spend good times partying with whether near or far:

Congrats, friends! We are so incredibly happy for you! Here's to many more years of milestones together!

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