Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lost Posts: Andy & Shannon's Wedding

I think this is one of those posts that never got published because I was waiting for pictures from the photographer, since I didn't have any of the couple on my own camera. So, I just went and snagged some off of Facebook. :)
Don't strain yourselves, boys!
I love this picture--classic Andy.
Andy & Shannon were the first of our friends to tie the knot last summer--in July at a winery in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was sprinkling on us driving up the hills, and even while hanging out waiting for the ceremony to begin. But just a few minutes before everything started, the sky cleared and the rest of the day was beautiful (and toasty!) Joe and Lauren, in from NY & Chicago. (Unfortunately the NY faux bomber kept them from joining us at our wedding!)
Back when my head wasn't swollen to twice it's normal size...
Congrats Andy & Shannon! (And Happy Anniversary!)

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