Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 220 (August 9th)

Know what's just as exciting as piles of new loot? Vintage loot! And not just any vintage loot...our own vintage loot!

While you wouldn't necessarily know that my mother is a hoarder by walking into her home, you could quickly discover it to be true when you notice her "on-site storage facility" down the hill! But these are the times that I don't complain because she kept all our old books from when we were kids! So freaking exciting!

Especially because the minute I popped the tops off of these tote boxes, I recognized everything in there! Flap Your Wings!??! Seriously! I LOVED that book!!! And there are piles of old school Dr. Suess with the hard paper covers--which means they're dirty and in need of spine repair, but still oh-so-wonderful!

I'm pretty sure my sister is harboring angry, bitter feelings about the fact that the tote boxes were delivered to my abode without her having the chance to rifle through them and claim her favorites. To which I say:
a. Print yourself off some cute bookplates and get your butt down here to label those which you consider yours, or
b. Have your own kid! (Hahahahhahahaa!)

Thanks Mom! Best gift EVER!


Jordan said...

Hey, I own some of those. They're being lent to you. At least your kid will love them, I know he/she will. I read recently that a child who grows up with at least 500 books in their home will go 3 years farther in their education than a child who doesn't. Yay for reading!

Jordan said...

Silver tote, book spine that is up at the top, is that a giant bible? I'm pretty sure I remember that being a huge picture Bible that we never EVER read.