Friday, August 20, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 231

Bump update! On our way to the Still Time show in the City.


Valerie said...

what an incredibly appropriate shirt to wear for the bump update ;-)
Does the band know their tshirts are perfect maternity wear? (or is this maternity wear copying their name? ) :-)

As expected, you're the cutest bump ever!
I've forgotten the due date. Drop me a line with details! And let me know if there's anything I craft that you'd be interested in for the virtual baby shower...

Beth said...

Ahh so cute!! I miss you!

brooke said...

Val--due Sept 24th! Oohh, an offer to craft! That would be fab! If only I could think of what I need! The project list is ridiculously long, but can't think of what might actually be necessity off the top of my head. Hmm...I'll keep you posted!

Beth--HI! I miss you too! Do you ever make it down this way to visit? Maybe in the wintertime? ;)